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På tur i Jotunheimen
You need less than you think to go hiking in Jotunheimen!
Especially if you intend to hike from lodge to lodge (or hut), you’ll need no more than a small backpack. Even if some hikers’ guides still claim different: you do not need to carry large supplies of water with you in Jotunheimen. You can drink the water from any stream that is more than 500 metres away from a glacier.

Practically all hiking paths are
Red-T signposted.
1. Clothing

mountain boots (with Vibram sole),
clothing for warm weather (shorts, T-shirt) – daytime temperatures can sometimes be clearly over 20°C,
clothing for cold weather; frosts can occur at night and in the early hours of the morning even in the height of summer,
rain protection clothing,

NOTE: fleece garments are best (also and especially as underwear), unless you prefer the feel of wool on your skin. Cotton is unsuitable: once damp, it causes a loss of body heat.
2. Your pockets should contain

compass and maps "Jotunheimen Aust" and "Jotunheimen Vest" Statens Kartverk,
pencil and paper,
a pair of sunglasses,
high-grade sun protection,
and a little something to eat.
3. Your backpack should contain (if possible in watertight packaging):

a change of clothes for the evenings in the lodges or huts (especially light shoes or sandals) as well as a pair of bathing trunks or a bikini,
thermos flask, (to be filled at the lodges or huts),
ttuck box (you can have this filled with food for the day at the lodges or huts),
matboks (du smører lunsj/niste ved frukostbordet),
toilet paper,
sleeping bag or sheet sleeping bag,
candle or torch,
matches or lighter (in watertight packaging),)
your DNT membership card (saves you lots of money at the lodges and huts),
cash or credit card (credit cards are accepted at all lodges and huts – Mastercard and Visa are best).

Vardet ryggsekken
Regardless of where you might be hiking to or from, it always pays to keep your backpack as lightweight as possible.
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