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Gjendebu is situated in the mountains and we can not just send away people no matter how full the hut is. People would then have to continue walking 4-5 hours if they arrive too late for the last boat. This means that on some days the hut is overcrowded with less beds than people, and we are met by challenges both when it comes to making enough food and finding space for madrasses where people can sleep on the floor. Our guests are normally very understanding and helpful in situations like this.

We distribute the beds this way: Families with small children are a priority. We try to give them a room on their own, often a small two-bed room with two madrasses on the floor if this is a family of four. People over 60 years old is the next group we try to find a bed to, either in two-bed rooms or four-bed rooms.

If we expect to be overcrowded the young and sporty ones are offered a cheap madrass or dormitory. Sometimes groups of people who know each other can be placed in very small rooms with madrasses on the floor. Just imagine the chaos, but also the fun when everyone is going to bed.

When you succeed in making reservations we normally make an agreement on the lowest acceptable standard, to prepare you that situations like this are not very unlikely to take place. Our goal is to use our capasity as effective and fair as possible, to make the overnight staying as comfortable as possible for all our guests.

If you for some reason need to sleep in a room on your own: do no hasitate to tell us, we have a wide range of special solutions!

Twice a day and always with extratrips if necessary. You will not be abandoned on the quay without transport if you are there when the boat is supposed to leave. But maybe you have to wait some hours for an extraboat.

How do I get to Oslo?
You have to take the boat to Gjendesheim or walk to Fondsbu. Links to schedules.

…..other frequently asked questions:

Is Gjendebu open on an all-year-basis?
No. Only around Easter and end June – end September.

7.30 – 10.00

And when is dinner served?
We serve at the tables, in sittings. Normally first dinner-sitting at 18.30. And we continue till everybody is served late at night.

What is with the beer?
Our beer is Hansa produced in Bergen with its traditions back to the Hansiatic traders from Germany in the middle-ages.

The weather-forcast?
You find the fresh printed version by the reseption. Or look it up at: http://yr.no.

Does anybody live at Gjendebu all year around?

What do you do the rest of the year?
The staff is mostly students. Ove is normally fishing or hiking and Lars Åge is a clerk (very seldom).

What is the name of the girl serving dinner?
If you can’t find her somewhere at this website you’ll have to ask her yourself.

Who supplies the electricity?
We are preparing the complicated process of establishing a small hydro-electric power plant. Present the power is made by diesel-generators.

How much fuel is used for electricity?
4-8 litres pr hour, approx 15.000 litres pr year.

How do you handle the waste?
Litter and paper-waste are burned in a special oven producing warm water. The rest is sorted in fractions and transported to the public system.

How much water do I need to carry while hiking?
Normally very little, you can drink all the water you see in the terrain. But do not drink water directly or very fresh melted from glaciers.

How long time do I need to hike to ...
We don’t know – simply because it depends on how fast you walk! The hours given on maps are "normal" effective hiking time, but not nessessesarely for you. Just spend the time you need to have a good time! (+brakes!)

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