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Gjendine Slaalien, 1948
Gjendine Slaalien, 1948
Gjendines Hut
The restored "Gjendinebua" – Gjendine`s hut today.
Gjendines hut
Kaia Gjendine Slaalien is probably the most famous person who has been living over several years at Gjendebu.

She was born at Gjendebu - in the recently restored "Gjendinebua" - the summer of 1871, exactly the same year DNT opened their first hut Gjendebu here. Her parents Anne and Erik Slaalien were the first managers ("bestyrer") of Gjendebu.

Most of her life Gjendine spent in Jotunheimen area, basicly at Gjendebu, Skogadalsboen and Spiterstulen. She met the famous Edvard Grieg and influated his artistic work a lot. In his opus 66 you find many themes from Gjendine's songs, and the last piece in the collection is ”Gjendines vuggesang”. Gjendine died in 1972, in her 101. year.
Gjendines Hut
Inside Gjendinebu.

Inside Gjendinebua.
Gjendine Slaalien, 1970
Gjendine Slaalien, 1970
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