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Travelling to Gjendebu the ancient way…

Through the winter season you go to Gjendesheim via Vaagaa, as the road to Beitostolen/Fagernes is closed. Than ski along the huge frozen surface of Gjende (1-2 hours)

reise til Gjendebu
You may hike to Gjendebu from

764 Memurubu-Gjendebu (via Memurutunga-Bukkelægret), 5 hrs
765 Memurubu-Gjendebu (via Storådalen), 6 hrs
769 Torfinnsbu-Gjendebu, 5 hrs
771 Gjendebu-Fondsbu, 5 hrs
774 Gjendebu-Leirvassbu, 6 hrs
775 Gjendebu-Spiterstulen (via Urdadalen), 8 hrs
776 Gjendebu-Spiterstulen (via Hellstuggubrean), 10 hrs
777 Gjendebu-Skogadalsbøen, via Snøholet (Sjogholet), 9 hrs
778 Gjendebu-Olavsbu, 5 hrs

The numbers are referring to the book "Til Fots i Norge". (DNT, also avaliable in English). The book is for sale at most DNT offices and tourist huts.

See also www.dntoslo.no/cabin.php

Gjende III towards Gjendesheim
You can also visit us by boat. (Gjende III – 99 pass, Gjende IV – 48 pass). Have a look at www.gjende.no. Book your transfer now.

Through the summer you can go by bus to/from Gjendesheim and Vågå, Fagernes, Otta, Oslo. See http://www.nor-way.no. Or by rail from Oslo/Trondheim to Otta.
By car drive to Gjendesheim, Fondsbu or Leirvassbu..
To plan the journey see”zoomable”map at
Den norske Tursitforening

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