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The Gjende lake is maybe the largest high mountain lake in Norway which is not regulated or exposed to any significant human encroachment. It is often regarded the most beautiful lake in Norway, streching from upper Sjodalen about 20 kilometres into the heart of Jotunheimen. The average breadth of the lake is approximately 1 kilometer and steap mountain walls up to 1300 metres raise up from the lake.

Gjendevatnet er 2 mil langt Gjendevatnet
Gjende betyr stav
The word ”Gjende” comes from ancient Norwegian ”gandr” meaning ”straight” or ”stick”. The lake is shaped as a slihtly bended stick, as you may recognize in our logo.

natt over Gjendevatnet The Gjende lake is about 150 metres deep and the deepest lake in Jotunheimen National Park. It is good for fishihg and along the north end a great variety of vegetation is found. The lake is known for its beautiful bluegreen colour. This phenomena is caused by very small particles from the glaciers, reflecting the daylight after being washed into the lake.
Gjendevatnet fra Gjendebu
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